World University Rankings 2018

The QS World University Rankings 2018 ranks over 950 of the best universities in the world. The rankings help prospective students identify the world’s best universities and are based on the following six key metrics:

  1. Academic Reputation
  2. Employer Reputation
  3. Faculty/Student Ratio
  4. Citations per Faculty
  5. International Faculty Ratio
  6. International Student Ratio

In this article we provide a summary of the World University Rankings in 2018 and provide a breakdown of the rankings by continent and within Africa.

Summary of World University Rankings 2018

For the sixth year running, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) tops the rankings. Together the US and UK dominate the top of the rankings with 9 out of 10 of the best universities based in these two countries. The top 10 is listed below:

Top 10

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – US
  2. Stanford University – US
  3. Harvard University – US
  4. California Institute of Technology (CALTECH) – US
  5. University of Cambridge – UK
  6. University of Oxford – UK
  7. UCL (University College London) – UK
  8. Imperial College London – UK
  9. University of Chicago -US
  10. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – Switzerland

Elsewhere a total of 46 new institutions see themselves in the ranking for the first time, whilst Russia and China are on the rise as are Australia, Spain and Germany.

Ranking by Continent

Europe, Asia and North America provide the majority of the world’s best universities in 2018. Between them they contribute over 80% of the world’s best universities. In contrast, Africa provides just 2%. Below is the distribution of the world’s best universities by continent.

  • Europe – 38%
  • Asia – 26%
  • North America – 19%
  • Latin America – 9%
  • Oceania – 5%
  • Africa – 2%

Top Universities in Africa

Africa contributes 18 universities to the list of the world’s best universities. These universities can be found in:

  • South Africa – 9
  • Egypt – 5
  • Uganda – 1
  • Morocco – 1
  • Ghana – 1
  • Kenya – 1

The highest ranked university in Africa is the University of Cape Town which is ranked at 191. This is followed by Stellenbosch University (361), the University of Witwatersrand (364) and The American University in Cairo (395).

You can view the full rankings at QS World University Rankings 2018.

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