How to make a good first impression

When looking for a job you only get one chance to make a good first impression. In this article we outline some top tips to ensure that you make a good first impression.

1. Written applications

Applying for a job by letter, email or online?

Remember that even before the employer has begun to read the content of your CV or application a first impression will already have been formed. This impression could have been formed based on things such as whether you followed the correct application procedure. It may also be formed on the visual appearance of your application. If the visual appearance of your application is low quality then a negative impression will already have been formed.

You can easily avoid making these mistakes by ensuring that you follow the application procedure stipulated in this job advertisement and that your application is visually and contextually appealing.

Top Tip: Did you know that you can quickly improve the visual appeal of your application by adjusting the balance between text and white space, shortening paragraphs, adding headings and using bullet points?

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2. Telephone or face to face situations

First impressions are also important in telephone and face to face situations. To ensure that you make a good first impression you should:

  • Be professional, courteous and polite
  • Be able to show your knowledge of the subject area/industry
  • Use practical examples to demonstrate your employability

In face to face situations the first impression we make is often not something we say, rather it is communicated non-verbally in our appearance, gestures, facial expressions and movements. It is therefore important to ensure that you dress appropriately for interviews and think about the gestures, facial expressions and movements that you make.

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If you are having a telephone interview try to make sure that this location is free of distractions and noise such as TVs and radios. For more tips on telephone interviews check out:


First impressions are vital when looking to find employment. Thinking about how you can make a better first impression could dramatically improve your chances of securing employment in Zambia.

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