How to prepare an elevator pitch

In this article we define what is meant by an elevator pitch and why you should prepare an elevator pitch.

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch (sometimes called a “sales pitch”) is what you would say to someone to impress them enough to offer you a job or an interview if you had just a few minutes to talk to them. It is called an elevator pitch based on the hypothetical scenario of an accidental meeting with someone in an elevator. If the conversation inside the elevator in those seconds is interesting then you may be offered a further meeting or job interview.

Why do you need to create an elevator pitch NOW?

Success begins with preparation. The more you prepare the better your chances of success. By preparing an elevator pitch in advance you can increase your chances of finding employment. Remember you never know when you might get the opportunity to use your elevator pitch – it could be at the shops, at church, at a social gathering or anywhere.

How do you create an elevator pitch?

A good elevator captures the attention and provides something of interest in just a few seconds. The key elements of a good elevator pitch are as follows:

  • Identifying an opportunity
  • Highlighting your knowledge and skills
  • Engaging your audience
  • Making an offer
  • Continuing the conversation

Although the key elements of a good elevator pitch remain the same the delivery should be adapted to the environment and the audience. For example, an elevator pitch at a social gathering such as a party may be different to an elevator pitch at a corporate networking event.

Example of a good elevator pitch

“Hi. I note you work for {insert company name}. I am a big fan of the work that {insert company name} does. I am an experienced {insert profession} myself with an extensive interest in this area. In fact, I recently provided {insert skills} and was able to {insert key achievements}. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on {insert topic}. Would it be possible to discuss and see how if I might be able to help your organisation?

When and where should I use my elevator?

The great thing about preparing an elevator pitch is that you can use it at anytime and anywhere. The whole idea of an elevator pitch is to turn a chance meeting into a potential job opportunity.

What else do I need to prepare?

Remember that you elevator pitch could lead to further questions, an on the spot job interview or a request for your CV and/or Cover Letter and contact details. Make sure that you prepare for this scenario by ensuring that you have:

You may also want to further prepare by ensuring that you read our Top 10 Interview Questions & Answers.

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