How to submit a job application

How you submit your job application could have an effect on whether your application is accepted or rejected.

In this article we discuss what you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do when submitting a job application.

Whenever you submit a CV or application form you should send a covering letter. You will use the covering letter to emphasize key points about your own background and experience which are particularly relevant to the position you are seeking. In addition, if submitting your CV (or application form) and cover letter by email you will need to write a brief accompanying email. You should not send a blank email with your application – unless this is the procedure specified in the job advertisement.

First things first. Nowadays, most applications are submitted via email. But what should you include when submitting a job application via email? Below are 5 key points to consider:

5 Key Points – Email Applications

  1. Ensure that you follow the correct application procedure and check that the email address for submission is correct
  2. In the email subject line write the reference provided in the job advertisement. If no reference was provided you can insert the following into the subject line: Job Application: (Insert Job Title)
  3. In the email message section you should:
    • address your email to the correct person or people (if no names are stipulated in the job advertisement then simply write: Dear Sir/Madam,
    • clearly state (1) which role you are applying for (2) the documents that you have enclosed and (3) the source of the job advertisement: Please find enclosed a copy of my CV and covering letter for the role of X as advertised on
    • write a brief summary of why you think that you are suitable for the role. For example: You will note from my CV and covering letter I am a suitably qualified and experienced for the role of X as I possess the following skills and experience stipulated in the job advertisement…
    • thank the employer for reviewing your application: I hope that the information contained in my CV and covering letter will be of interest to you and thank you for considering my application for this role.
    • include your day time telephone number and contact details
  4. Check the spelling and grammar used in your email.
  5. Ensure that you have attached the relevant attachments (you should also check that your attachments do not not exceed 2MB as this could result in your email application not being received).

Now you know how to submit an application via email here are a few reminders on how to write and structure cover letters:

5 Key Points – Covering Letters 

There is no standard covering letter format. That said, unless your job application states otherwise you should:

  1. Always tailor you covering letter to the requirements of each job advertisement NEVER send the same cover letter twice
  2. Be concise – 1 or 2 pages should be enough for a covering letter
  3. Ensure that the letter looks professional and has no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.
  4. Try to use a similar style and font to your CV
  5. Clearly show why you are interested in the job AND demonstrate why you are suitable (see next paragraph for an outline of the sample structure you should use)

Sample Structure of a Covering Letter

  1. The first paragraph should state what you are applying for and where your saw the job. You should also include any reference number that may have been given in the job advertisement
  2. Your second paragraph explains why you are interested in the position and gives evidence to support your claims. It can also refer to relevant experience you may have had
  3. The third paragraph expands on your suitability for the position, again with evidence and examples. It can elaborate on skills you have and refer back to information given in your CV
  4. Your fourth paragraph sums up the letter and states that you look forward to hearing from them
  5. Don’t forget to end the letter appropriately (i.e. yours sincerely or yours faithfully) and to sign it if applying on paper

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